The process of constructing an identity is a daunting life task for all human beings, but for women and girls of color, their identity is further complicated by having to integrate who they are as both females and minorities, in a society where  both racial and gender stereotypes persist.

Challenged with issues of cultural displacement and lack of a stable support system, some minority women and girls not only struggle with defining themselves, but also lack basic survival skills that can further prevent the normal and healthy development of a productive and secure self identity and connection to the earth.

The Butterfly Movement, founded with the help of Oakland resident Brandi Mack, actively works towards supporting the transformation of young women who do not have the resources or means to connect deeper with themselves and the land they live on.

Brandi, who grew up in  East Oakland, where she did not have any of these resources to turn to, took it upon herself to bring the Butterfly Movement to Oakland, California. She has formed a community of young girls of color, and gives them a space to learn about bettering their communities and themselves.

By gaining access to a land plot in West Oakland earlier this year, a neighborhood that struggles with being a notorious food desert, she holds space for these women to work with the earth as a form of therapy.